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Specializing in Dog Behavioral Issues

At The Happy Gentle Dog Place we specialize in working with dogs with negative behavioral issues.

Whether your dog is aggressive (people, animal, food, etc.), frightened, anti-social, destructive or has any other number of unwanted tendencies; we gently and positively coach your dog to be able to integrate back into your family and home. These results will allow for your dog to be confident and thus a Happy Gentle Dog!

A large part of our program incorporates teaching your dog's Human how to train, handle, and interact with your dog. The more involved you are with your dog's program the better your results will be. Our patient philosophy and gentle, positive methods insure that each dog is coached on a unique basis and our results are guaranteed.

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions about your dog's behavior and how we might be able to help him/her. Thank you and we wish you and your dog the happiest of relationships!

Dale Donaldson, "The Gentle Coach"


Princeton, TX